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  • Osteochondrosis of the chest: characteristic symptoms and signs of the disease, methods of treatment.
    19 December 2021
  • How to treat osteochondrosis at home? What methods of treating the disease exist and how effective are they? Can they replace traditional therapies? The answers in the article.
    6 December 2021
  • Osteochondrosis of the lumbar spine: clinical presentation, degree and classification, ICD code 10, prevalence and significance, risk factors and causes, consequences, symptoms treated by the doctor, methods of diagnosis and treatment.
    15 November 2020
  • Symptoms and treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee. Osteoarthritis of the knee: what are the symptoms, risk factors, what medications are used, treatment at home.
    15 November 2020
  • What is osteoarthritis of the joints? Causes and mechanism of disease development, risk factors. Stages and stages of development, diagnostic possibilities and directions of therapy. Precautions.
    15 November 2020